Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Found The Ring!

I've been searching for a ring that won't break the bank, but that I love. Most of the rings I love would break the bank. I love this one because of the sapphires- Both Aaron and I have September birthdays, so its a great sentiment for me.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Cakes are the centerpiece of the reception. People always want to see the cake. These are two of my favorite designs. We won't be having a traditional cake topper, we'll either have a fleur de lis, or a monogram. Something we can use after the party as well.

Floral Inspiration.

Add a little more pink to these and they stand out as my #1 choice.
Wrap these in pink ribbon and they would make a stunning bridal bouquet.
I like this one, but its a little to "spring" I think. I think tulips would come at a premium come November.
replace the blue flowers with pink ones, and I like this bouquet as well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Feeling real now!

Today was an exciting day for me. I visited my first venue with one of my honorees. (I'm not sure what to call these wonderful ladies that will be standing by my side- I refer to them as my sidekicks- Aaron says IdoRedo-ettes. lol)
Anyway- we visited The Mediterranean Villa. I instantly fell in love. It is everything I'm looking for in a site- but may be a bit pricey- so I'm keeping my options open. We visited during an open house so we were able to sample cakes, food etc, and see the chapel and ballroom all decked out in beautiful decor.
Its a bit early to finalize anything, but as of right now- this venue is #1 on my list. We do have a couple other options as well that we will be checking out soon. Thats my #1 goal is to get the "where" finalized before the end of the year. Now that we live in the metroplex, we have so many more great options available to us. I'm sure we'll find someplace wonderful to have the ceremony and party of our dreams.

Oh, btw if you haven't already check out our Knot page and sign the guestbook! :)